What are Hemp Superfoods?

Hemp is an incredible plant. Not only is it used for clothing, building materials, and jewelry, but it also has amazing benefits for the human body when consumed. Some people consume hemp seeds on their own for their nutritional benefits. However, when you also consider the fact that parts of hemp plants are packed with CBD, the benefits become even greater. Some people even use hemp superfoods to get these wide-ranging benefits.

Superfoods are food products which have exceptional nutritional benefits for the human body. With the many nutritional and medical benefits of hemp, hemp extract can be infused in many superfoods. Here’s a guide to hemp superfoods, where to get them, and how to use them.

What are Hemp Superfoods?

Superfood is a term used in nutrition to describe food products with impressive nutritional content and health benefits. For example, blueberries are commonly seen as a superfood due to their antioxidants. Fish is also a superfood due to its high protein, low carb content, and high levels of healthy fatty acids.

Hemp is another nutritional product that’s seen as a superfood. Hemp in itself has many impressive nutritional qualities. People often use hemp seeds or hemp seed oil in cooking as it contains high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids. It also contains vitamins and minerals which contribute to better skin, hair, and brain health.

While the seeds have many of their own health benefits, hemp plants are also used for the cannabinoids contained within. CBD, in particular, is widely known for its impressive medical benefits. It helps treat various medical conditions as well as improving overall health. For this reason, CBD is often extracted from hemp and infused into food products to create hemp superfoods.

Hemp superfoods can come in numerous forms. You can get hemp-derived CBD edibles or simply hemp superfood powders which you can add to beverages. This makes it quick and easy to get the health benefits of hemp and cannabidiol.

Hemp Superfoods

Benefits of Hemp

The benefits of hemp depend on which part of the plant is used. Hemp seeds contain healthy fatty acids and other ingredients which make it very nutritious. They can reduce the risk of heart disease, aid digestion, improve skin, hair, and nails, improve brain function, and improve your overall health.

CBD or cannabidiol can also be found in the other parts of the hemp plant. This is the cannabinoid which you can find in oils, topicals, and now even superfood products. CBD has some incredible effects on the body which make it a powerful medical treatment in itself.

CBD helps reduce all kinds of pain and inflammation. It can be a godsend for those with chronic pain conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and cancer. It also helps in general with issues such as muscle strains and joint aches.

It’s also an effective remedy for seizures. Epileptic patients often find seizures hard to treat. However, many studies find that the use of CBD can reduce seizures significantly. This makes the condition more manageable for patients and improves their quality of life.

The mental health effects of cannabidiol are also impressive. It can reduce anxiety and depression within one dosage. It also has antipsychotic qualities which makes it useful for those with schizophrenia and other severe mental health disorders.

It also has antibacterial and antioxidant effects which can help remove skin conditions and improve bodily health overall. Other benefits include reducing headaches and nausea and improving sleep and appetite. For this reason, many people consume food products with CBD. Hemp is a healthy and legal source of CBD, hence its popularity in many CBD products.

Are Hemp Superfoods Legal?

Due to its close association with cannabis, hemp used to be illegal in certain states. However, recent changes to the Farm Bill make hemp products legal to buy and use in all 50 states. Hemp is classified as a food product and, providing products have less than 0.3% THC, are entirely legal to use. This means hemp superfoods are legal across the country.

The same applies to other CBD products made with hemp. Many oils, edibles, topicals, and all kinds of other CBD products now use hemp as a source of pure, natural cannabidiol. This makes them fully legal, as opposed to marijuana-based products which are still legally questionable in some parts of the country.

You can also rest assured that hemp superfoods are not like cannabis and will not make you high. They purely give you the medical benefits of cannabidiol without any harmful side effects. This makes them very safe to use for people of all ages, and no medical prescription is necessary.

Are Hemp Superfoods Legal

Where To Buy Hemp Superfoods

You can often find hemp superfoods in health stores. However, you can find some of the best hemp products online. Red’s Quality CBD provides a range of hemp superfoods available to order right now. Here are a few examples.

Earth Science Tech CBD Powder is a nutritional powder you can mix into shakes and smoothies for the benefits of hemp-based CBD. It contains 15 grams, with 20mg of CBD per half a gram. This high-grade hemp powder will do wonders for your body.

CBDHempIndica Infused Spirulina Powder is a powerful superfood that combines the benefits of cannabidiol with USDA certified spirulina. Spirulina biomass of cyanobacteria with incredible nutritional content. It helps with blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, fights against cancer, and has many other beneficial properties which work well in conjunction with CBD.

Himalayan Shilajit Resin is a fascinating superfood which has been used as a natural remedy for many years. It improves your immune system and memory on top of boosting your energy and brain function. It also fights against pain and inflammation.

Alternatively, you can also check out our range of CBD Edibles. These are products which use natural hemp CBD extract and infuse it into gum, tea, gummies, and all kinds of other edible and drinkable health products.


Hemp has an incredible amount of benefits due to its high profile of vitamins and minerals in addition to the cannabinoids and terpenes contained within. Hemp superfoods provide another way to get all of the benefits of hemp and improve your health immensely. These are all safe and legal to use and you can buy them online for delivery.